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Ponni 6-Luxe

Ponni 6-Luxe

Year: 1949
Engine: I6-212
Additional info:
This was POMOCO's first car ever made, the Ponni 6-Luxe, a full-size sedan. It had the I6-212 (3.5l) engine in it, which developed 125hp and 240Nm of torque. That engine gave the car a top speed of 100mph when coupled to the 3-speed manual transmision, or 90mph with the 2-speed automatic.
The 6-Luxe was destined to compete with the 1949 Ford, the Oldsmobile 88 and Dodge Coronet. However, the car sold poorly and had to be discontinued in 1955, leaving POMOCO out of the market for seven years.

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