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Year: 1983
Engine: Small Block V8 4.3 SOHC 2V Budget
Additional info:
A full-size sedan designed to compete with cars like the 83' Impala and 83' LTD Crown Vic

Stats based on Base model.

Economy: 13.9mpg (imp)/11.5mpg (US)/20.32 l/100km
Length: 5.30m
4 Speed Automatic
Service cost: $179/£124/164Euro
Insurance: $486/£337/447Euro
Cars p/day huge factory: 1,498
Advertised Price: $18,000/£13,000/16,576Euro

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  • DeusExMackia on 21-01-2016, 21:50


    That maroon colour really suits it


    • CadillacDave on 21-01-2016, 21:50

      DeusExMackia wrote: That maroon colour really suits it

       Thank you :)


  • DeusExMackia rated your car


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