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Zoope (5th Gen) Rally Edition

Zoope (5th Gen) Rally Edition

Year: 2000
Engine: Unspecified
Additional info:
With the coming of the new millennium Prato did it again. He released a rally variant for the current body style of Zoope. Featuring an all aluminum 2.0L as seen on the R series, however this engine sings to the tune of 270hp at 8100 rpm. The engine was over bored to 2.1l, the boost pressure increased, a large front mount inter cooler was installed and compression was increased. Prato's new 6 speed close ratio transmission was naturally the only choice for the rally edition, matched with the tried and true all wheel drive train. The interior was all but completely gutted save for some carpet, the dash and the two Recaro racing seats placed in the front. The back bench seat was deleted, sound insulation was stripped, the stereo was deleted along with A/C. The heater was downsized, but other then that, left in tact. Power windows were replaced with manual rollers. Massive 4 piston Brembos were installed in addition to Pirelli tries, allowing the car to stop and a dime. The suspension received full treatment from Bilstein and was reinforced heavily. The under body received skids plates and a rear diffuser. The body panels are a combination of plastic and fiberglass to save on weight. The 2000 Zoope Rally Edition weighing hardly 975kg, got 42 miles to the gallon and could do 0-100 in 3.8 seconds flat with a top speed of over 250kmph. The car could run a 12.06 second 1/4 mile. Only 5000 were produced. The car claimed accolades from Motor Trend, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, the Canadian Rally Championship and European Rally Championship. A heavily modified Zoope set a lap time of 7:45:12 on the Nürburgring track being one of the 100 fastest lap times, in 2004. In the words of the now, very senior N. Prato "I finally made the car I set out to make when I got into the business". N. Prato retired from his position as CEO that July, after running the company for 54 years. The reigns were passed on to his grandson, Nathan.

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