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Prato Excel

Prato Excel

Year: 2013
Engine: 2.0L EA827
Additional info:
When Designing the 2013 Prato Excel they looked back on the success and the downfalls of the Prato Familia. The Familia was an intermediate offering between the Zoope and the Quattro Porte, was sports, had great utility and shared many driveline components with the Zoope. Its downfalls were its size, for a 'family car' it had limited cargo space and did not have as many creature comforts as its compeitors. It was a vast step down as far as interior quality when compared to the Quattro Porte and didn't get the greatest gas mileage. PMC designed the Excel with the intent of making it good at everything and it did a damn good job at that. Featuring a 141hp 2.0L aluminum DOHC MFI EA827 I4 paired with a FWD driveline with a 6 speed single clutch sequential transmission. It accomplished 0-100km in 7.6 seconds and managed 41.8 miles per gallon US. It was sporty enough to impress your neighbour but was responsible enough for insurance companies to discredit it as a 'grocery getter'. A 152hp Turbo version was also available for an additional 1,200.00 boasting 43.5mpg US and a 0-100 time of 7.1.The exterior features ultra modern styling with flares of chrome, aggressive vents and sharp lines. A dual tip, dual exhaust protrudes the rear and a slight rear lip provided the sporty flair and downforce necessary to keep the car grounded. The front and rear spoilers feature hyper aggressive chrome lips.

The interior on this car was quite upscale when compared to the Zoope and the dated familia model lineups. With high quality plastics, leather seats, and chrome interior accents the car was pleasing to the eye. Seating 5 the car was both room and comfortable with adjustable front/rear/driver/passenger side climate control. 8 inch rear headrest mounted TV's entertained the back seat passengers in addition to the 10 inch HUD display in the center console. Powered by android technology and a powerful computer the HUD can be configured to display fuel mileage, android powered media center, NavGuide, telemetry feed

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