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Zoope (1st Gen)

Zoope (1st Gen)

Year: 1960
Engine: 1.5 I4 P series
Additional info:
By 1960 the Grand Tourer Sedan and Grand Tourer Deluxe were becoming dated. The body style had long since lost its edge, being 14 years old at this point. The wants and needs of the people were changing, cars were less of an upper class accessory but an average mans transportation. Plush interiors and chrome were not conducive to this market so Prato Motor Company re branded itself, ending production of the Grand Tourer Sedan Entirely. Inspired by small European Cars, PMC went to the drawing board and produced the Prato Zoope. A small economical car with a 1.5l I4 engine, producing 66hp and getting nearly 31 miles to the gallon. Everything was produced in house. It was cheap, affordable, reliable and well priced. It was truly a car for the average man, it was a 2 door, with seating for 5, powerful enough to overtake slower traffic but not so powerful to be dangerous. 0-100 was done in and underwhelming 15.2 seconds. PMC had an effective staff of over 650 employees at this point with two warehouses, a factory and small dirt test track behind it. Everything from engine tuning, painting, welding fitting to chrome dipping was done by a Prato employee. The 1960 Prato Zoope retailed for a modest $ 815.59, being a very economical choice for first time car owners and families. The small, light and economical car would have a lasting impact on the automotive world for decades to come, claiming accolades from commuters, tuners, collectors and rally enthusiasts. From 1960-present the Zoope has been Prato Motor Companies flagship model and is currently on its 6th generation.

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