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Modding Tools

Modding Tools

Looking to create some mods or additional content for the game? This is the right place to start! With the right set of tools that can be found here, a lot is possible!

To maintain quality and keep an eye on the used webspace, from time to time we tend to delete downloads that are old, outdated, haven't been downloaded in a while or have a low rating. We hope you understand that we cannot keep all downloads in our database, though we try to keep as many as possible.

If you have any modding tools you wish to share yourself, click here to send them to us.

Title: TrackEdit v0.12

By: BitTwiddler

A very easy tool made by BitTwiddler to make custom tracks for Automation. The simple UI helps you create good corners, elevation and the track image.


Just run the .jar or .bat (depending on your operating system) and start the trackbuilding!
NOTE: Creating completely new tracks is not yet possible! This tool is still under development.

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