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Here you will find a list of all available guides to playing or editting the game.

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Created by: Jakgoe | Title: V8 7L N/A

This is a tutorial on how to make large, high performance engines in Automation. The engine being made is a naturally aspirated 7.0L V8. It is very similar to engines that are found in many muscle cars. The year of manufacture is 2014, making this a quite modern engine.

Created by: Pleb | Title: Unique and Old cars

Pleb will show you how to play around with fixtures to give your cars a unique twist and what you should look out for when trying to create an older looking car.

Created by: Jakgoe | Title: V8 - 4.7L N/A

This is a tutorial on how to make high-performance engines. The engine being made in this tutorial is a naturally aspirated 4.7L V8. The year of manufacture of this engine is 2014. Please note that this is just a guide, and all selections can be tweaked or changed depending on what you would like in your engine.

Created by: WizzyThaMan | Title: Creative Fixture Usage

Want to have pop-up headlights on your car, but they aren't in the game yet? Learn how to be creative and make it look like they ARE in-game! Be creative with fixtures!

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