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The review page offers you a number of magazines that were made on the basis of Automation created vehicles and how they compete against each other, comparing stats as well as looks. Download and read the latest review as soon as possible, but don't forget the earlier editions!

Title: Hot Hatch Comparison

Month: February 2015

Car class: Hatchbacks

More and more manufacturers want to get into the ever more competitive hot hatch segment. And when I mean “ever more competitive hot hatch segment”, I mean it. They are getting more advanced, cleverer, more efficient and quicker. Everybody comes out with something that makes you go “I want that”. Here we have 8 contenders in order to make you say those words. And what a variety of cars they are. There are cars that make you feel like you own a supercar, with ballistic performance, whereas others have tried to make a hot hatch a comfortable executive car in one package. But what tops the charts?

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Title: small cars BIG TEST

Month: January 2015

Car class: Hatchbacks

Small cars generally don't need to be advanced, well-equipped things. People buy cars like these on relatively small budgets, and their main concern is being able to get from A to B in relative comfort and saving as much money on car related bills as possible. But, if you want the best, you need to offer more than this. These cars all are going straight into the fight for that glorious number 1 spot, but who offers the best overall pack.

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