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Grown Together

Wed 14 January 2015


After changing our webhoster, Automationhub is now prepared for all adventures in the future. Meaning we can handle more traffic and more car companies and more awesome.

Another change has been completed before changing the webhoster already. To make sure that the voting system is fair, we have implemented another change.

When you register on Automatiohub, you do it with the same E-Mail and Username used for buying Automation. This way, we can ensure that there is only one account for each member and thus can be only one vote to give for each of you.

In effect, this also means that Automationhub and Automation are growing closer.

Together, we want to make sure that Automation gets the attention it deserves, once the Steam release is going to happen.

For you, this means you can look forward to new features both in Automation and on Automationhub, the place for all your Automation needs!

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