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Support us

About supporting us

AutomationHub tries to keep everything for free, but there are certain things that do cost money. Therefore we wouldn't mind getting some support from the community. The money we gain from being supported, will all be put back into this website or Automation related things. Think about new features on the website, extra web space so we can host more engine, model, car packs and many other files. Also, when Automation is released (or maybe even before that) we are willing to get dedicated servers running for you to play your multiplayer sessions on.

The calculation...

As you create a company on our website, you start off with 10 engine and 10 model slots to upload in your car company. That little?! Yes, at first we have to, because we do not own enough capacity yet to offer more. Lets do some math:

Imagine we have 600 users registering on the website for a company in the first 6 months. If all of those 600 upload 10 engines and 10 models, we will end up with; 600 companies x (10 engines + 10 models)= 600 x 20 = 12000 entries. If all those entries add ONE image of 100 kilobytes to their upload, you will get 100 kb x 12000 = 1.200.000 kb, which, rounded down, is 1.14 gigabytes. As you can upload 3 or more images per engine/model, that number can triple! That's not all, as we also have people uploading their .lua files of engines, models, tracks and much more! As you might guess, this takes a huge amount of web space AND bandwidth. We will try our best to upgrade this as much as possible with the donations we get.

You get more for donating

As we greatly appreciate any donations to help build and expand this community, we want to give those who donate something extra. Check the list below:

- The packages might change over time, but only in a way that benefits the users. Users won't have to re-donate for changes to take effect.
- You will gain a package only once. ten times 5 euro donations won't give you ten times 25 extra slots.
- Make sure you are LOGGED IN and include your username when donating.
- It may take up to 48 hours before your status changes.

If you got any more questions related to supporting us or if anything is unclear, feel free to contact us at